Risk Management Consulting

Live Safely = Save Money

Risk Management Consulting

Live Safely = Save Money


Safety Programs


Train employees on best practices

Create a safety culture

Align operations to lower insurance costs

OSHA Compliance


Increase compliance

Simplify reporting and documentation

Reduce citations and fines

E-Mod Reduction


Reduce workplace injuries

Implement safety procedures

Lower your Workers Comp premiums

Cyber Risk Assessment


Protect sensitive data

Minimize exposure risks

Lower risk of fines and other losses

Accident Investigation


Get expert counsel

Understand risks and responsibilities

Minimize fines and legal expenses

Fraud Prevention


Identify risk areas

Reduce job-site theft

Lower incidence of litigation

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Focus on prevention

Dennis Reilly and I have worked together for more than 15 years on numerous occasions where I have asked for his expertise in Safety and Risk Management. His focus is not on "detection" of hazards but instead on "prevention" of injury and illness in the workplace. He aligns his recommendations for improvement so that they encompass an employer’s highest three cost expenditures: insurance, regulatory compliance, and standard operating practices. By implementing his strategies we have also enhanced employee behavior and morale. His accident investigation practices for liability and workers compensation are, in my opinion, the best in the Southwest. If you want to save money and improve worker safety performance, Dennis is the choice for AZ construction needs.

Tony Kelsey, President

Southwest Concrete Formworks Specialists, Inc.

Lower your E-Mod

I met Dennis in his capacity of a safety consultant in conjunction with my liability insurance. At the time of our introduction, my E-Mod was 1.37 - way above industry standard and not where I was comfortable. Dennis really dug in and helped me update my safety manual, train my employees. He interfaced directly with my liability insurance and helped me to lessen the impact of new claims. Thanks to him, I have re-established my E-Mod under 1.0 and am continuing to create a safety culture in my company. I would highly recommend Dennis Reilly for any aspect of helping anyone manage safety and insurance claims.

Dallas Petersen, President

Sahuaro Contracting 

Eliminate losses

Dennis Reilly and I have worked together on numerous occasions where his expertise in loss control has been an integral part of the success of our programs. Dennis is unique in his approach to loss prevention. He understands that the elimination of future losses are critical to the reduction of the net costs, not only of insurance premiums but also those non-monetary elements that impact the effectiveness of any organization. Dennis asks the “right” questions to understand the big picture of what needs to be done to prevent losses. A small investment today can pay continuing dividends for years to come.


Dean Coughenour, Risk Manager

City of Flagstaff